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Look good and feel good with this Fat Burning Body Shaper. It stimulates abdominal nervous network to effectively reduce body fats with regular use. This Body Shaper instantly covers up visible fats, gradually shapes waistline and lifts the butt, giving you a fitter and sexier look.  It also supports core muscles and corrects posture.

This body shaper is easy and comfortable to wear - comes with an elastic weave and silver ion breathable padding. Invisible under any outfit- freely wear it whenever and wherever you go! No roll down and itchy feeling while wearing it. It has alloy memory spring to keep it in shape. Made from safe materials, relieving heat and groin itch


  • Effectively reduces fats

It effectively eliminates fats from your body by stimulating your abdominal nervous network.

  • Hides invisible fats

It instantly hides belly fats with its elastic design to temporarily firm loose fat, ideal for close fitting outfits.

  • Shapes waistline and corrects posture

With continuous use, it gradually shapes your waistline, giving you sexier look! It also supports your core muscles and helps you correct your posture.

  • Invisible 

Wear it under your favorite clothes without compromising your appearance and style.

  • 3D butt lift

Integrated with 3D butt lift technology making your butt tighter and rounder.

  • Comfortable

Its elastic weave and silver breathable ion will help you move freely and comfortably. It protects your private area too. The cotton fabric is gentle and  breathable for the skin.

  • No roll down and itchy feeling

Unlike the usual body shaper, it doesn’t roll down and does not irritate your skin. 


Size: M, L, xL

Color: Black, Nude, Grey


1 pc. Body Shaper Fat Burning Corset

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