3-in-1 Ultrasonic Fat Burning Massager

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The ultimate tool for body shaping & skin health – 3-in-1 Ultrasonic Fat Burning Massager provides you with an affordable, safe & effective home-based solution to remove fats & cellulite on one hand, while restoring your skin condition on the other.

With an innovative combination of ultrasonic cavitation, advanced electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) and infrared technology, various doctors and dermatologists have verified for its outstanding performance and high effectiveness.

Ultrasonic Cavitation – Fat Burning

The Ultrasonic Cavitation Treatment (UCT) works by sending ultrasonic signals at a high frequency to heat up the fat cells and make them burst, which means they will be metabolized in our body naturally. This helps remove excessive fat deposits on belly, thighs, legs & arms etc.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) – Body Shaping

By sending electrical impulses to our muscles, more muscle fibers will be recruited for a more intensive strength-training routine – muscles usually consume 60-70 joules energy per second under normal movement, while our treatment will stimulate the frequency up to 3000 – 4000 joules energy per second. 

Infrared Technology – Wrinkle Removal

Thanks to the magnetic properties, the cytomembrane will be adjusted to increase the permeability of epidermis, our skin will be easier to absorb essences. As a result, collagen and blood circulation will be stimulated to tighten loose and saggy skin, as well as removing cellulite & wrinkles.


  • Combines 3 powerful technology in 1: UCT, EMS & Infrared
  • Effortlessly sculpts an hourglass body
  • Revitalizes skin condition
  • Promote blood circulation & metabolism
  • No discomfort / repercussion
  • Works like real massage to promote absorption & activate cells
  • Saves time & money for treatment in beauty center
  • Applicable to whole body, face & skin
  • Easy application with quick result 


Pick your preferred mode & intensity. For UCT & Infrared, directly massage on the preferred area; For EMS, use with the contact pads. Apply 3 times a week and 15 minutes for each session.




1x Ultrasonic EMS Fat Burning Massager

1x Power Adapter

2x Pairs of EMS Contact Pads

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